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Server Co-Location

Space rental service for placing servers at Internet Data Center, CAT Telecom Bangrak Tower managed by CAT Telecom expert staffs.

The tower is also situated by CAT Telecom’s International Internet Gateway (IIG) and National Internet Exchange (NIX).

It has been known as center of National Internet Network for more than 10 years.

With internet high-speed connection, the center is composed of highly efficient power backup system and physical security management.

They are Close Circuit TV (CCTV), Card Reader Access Control, Very Early Smoke Detector Apparatus (VESDA),

FM-200 (fire extinguishing substance) and Precision type of air cooling and accurate humudity control system.

It can serve from 1 U to 42-U Rack.


primary provided service  

  • Ethernet Port 10/100 Mbps
  • Domain name registration service 
  • Traffic Monitoring service
  • 24 hours support
  • Upper limit of power supply at 32 Amps per 1 Rack
  • Rack case at 60 cm x 90 cm x 36 u



Extra IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

  • First IP 1,000 Baht/Mo. 
  • Next IP 500 Baht/Mo.


Extra Firewall 

  • First IP 1,000 Baht/Mo. 
  • Next IP 500 Baht/Mo.


Extra Port 

  • 10/100 Mbps. (UTP) 1,000 Baht/Mo. 
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps. (UTP) 12,000 Baht/Mo


Extra IP 

  • Each IP per 200 Baht/Mo.
  • *If you buy over 254 IP , You have to buy in class only.



  • Change  Port/ Change Closet cost 500 Baht/Time
  • Connect between the closet cost
    • UTP line cost 400 Baht/Mo.
  • Server tray cost 500 Baht/Mo./tray
  • Excess Power 32 Amp cost 2,500 Baht/Amp. 
  •  Domain Name Register for first year cost 500 Baht, For the later year cost 200 Baht/Year 
  • Load balance (3 service) cost 15,000 Baht/Mo. 
    • Add on service cost 1,000 Bath/Service/Mo. 

*This price is not include VAT

LINK : *Term and Conditions of CAT-IDC Services*

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